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How to Change IMEI Number Android (4 Methods)

Here is the guide to Recover IMEI number on your device. There are different methods to change IMEI. It will change from device manufacturer to manufacturer and Device Chipset to Chipset. by changing the IMEI on your device which would help you to get back your device from network errors. These errors may happen from when you change the Operating System of your Android device from Firmware to Custom ROM’s. In that case, your device might lose some IMEI modules which are included by manufacturers according to your country. Also, we have shared the Android IMEI Changer Apk video Tutorial to Fix IMEI number.

We didn’t guarantee you that give your device back to a normal state by following our procedure who are using Snapdragon processors. But who are using MTK Chipsets mobile handsets please follow this guide. Many people using this method for spoofing the Android apps which are giving Earning Companions. there are some other apps to change the IDs of Android devices like Device Emulator and Device Id Changer.

How to Recover IMEI on any Android Device

You might have spent many hours to fix invalid IMEI issue when after rooting your device or Flashing a Custom ROM. so many searches you have been made on Google for how to change my imei number on the android phone or how to fix imei or how to recover imei number. Maybe nothing found useful or worked for you with this specific issue. If you lost your device IMEI that might cause Network Problems that will tend to you cannot make Calls and Messages. that’s the annoying thing you ever experienced with your device. Now, It will solve by following our ultimate guide.


We have given a working method for MTK chipset devices with or without Root. there is an app called as Chamelephon app that will change the IMEI with needing of Root access. But some other apps like MTK Engineering Mode working without root access and Mobile Uncle app with root access can also change the IMEI but may not work in all cases. But these apps are only available to MTK Chipsets. What we do if we are having other than MTK processor devices? No problem guys, there is an app called Android IMEI changer apk masks the IMEI number that will be showing up when you are dialling *#06#. This app work with CPUs like Snapdragon and Exynos with root and Xposed. But not give that much performance as like above apps.


How to Change IMEI with Android IMEI Changer Apk

In this guide, we are showing IMEI changer app which is available to download on PlayStore. This is the First app made with the concept of changing IMEI on Android devices from the Developer Vivek. The safest way to change the IMEI that doesn’t alter the device performance. To run this app on your phone, it needs Xposed framework installed on your device and it Must be rooted. The Xposed framework can only work with root privileges to access the root folders. And one more thing is, Currently Xposed not available on Android 7.0. So, This method not working with nougat devices or above.


Steps to Change IMEI With IMEI Changer Pro

  • Download Android Imei Changer Apk From Below
  • Install Xposed Framework according to your Android OS and CPU architecture. If you not aware of this thing. So, you should follow this Tutorial.
  • If you have Xposed Framework successfully installed on your device. Now, Go to Xposed Installer app and Select the IMEI changer Module on modules section.

  • Reboot your device to enable the IMEI changer Module.
  • Open Imei Changer app. Now, you can see your Original IMEI Number and Current IMEI number.

  • Enter IMEI number in the “New IMEI No Feild” and Just click on Apply button. If you are using IMEI changer pro app that will automatically put the random IMEI number in the New IMEI NO field.
  • That’s it you have successfully changed your IMEI number. Now reboot the device and check the IMEI information by Dialling *#06#.

How to Recover IMEI with Chamelephon App

Chamelephon app is only working with MTK chipset devices. Many sleepless nights you might be faced with losing your IMEI number by updating Software or did something else. It can definitely help to get rid out of Service provider issue. Chamelephon needs the Root access and there is no need of Xposed in this case as like Imei changer pro.


Steps to Fix IMEI with Chamelephon App (MTK Chipset)

  • Download and Install Chamelephon Apk from below or From Playstore
  • If your Intention is to change IMEI number instead of Repair IMEI. Please Backup the Original IMEI number by dialling *#06#. Now, proceed further.
  • Open the Installed Chamelephon App. Now, a popup will ask you to Grant the SuperUser Access. If your device is perfectly rooted.

  • Change your IMEI by tapping on Generate Random IMEI button or Enter manually if you have Own IMEI numbers.

Note: Before applying the new values. you need to enter two values in the both spaces provided.Click on Apply New IMEI’s button. a popup will ask you to confirm that change. That’s it.

  • Finally, It will Recover IMEI numbers of your device after rebooting.

How to change IMEI with Mobile Uncle App

Mobile Uncle is same as like the Chamelephon app. But it doesn’t help you in Critical times. Mobile uncle app also for MTK chipset devices don’t work with other chipsets. This app neet root privileges to work fully functional. Here are the below requirements to use Mobile Uncle app

Steps to Fix IMEI with Mobile Uncle App (MTK Chipset)

  • Download and Install Mobile Uncle Apk from below
  • Open it up and you will see the Engineer Mode option > Engineer Mode MTK


  • Select Connectivity tab and choose CDS information option.

  • By going through CDS information you will see the Radio Information.
  • Now, Select the Phone which you want to Fix IMEI. Suppose,  If you want to fix signal on SIM 1 select Phone 1.
  • By tapping On Phone 1 or Phone 2 according to your need. You will see the Option to enter IMEI number like below Screen Shot.

  • Now Place the below Code after AT+ Blank

For Phone 1: EGMR=1,7,”New IMEI number”For Phone 2: EGMR=1,10,”New IMEI number”

Note: If you got an error like “command is not allowed in user build”. Don’t panic just add Space Between AT+ and EGMR. For Example; AT+ space EGMR=1,7,”New IMEI number”

  • Tap on Send at Command.
  • Reboot Your Android device and check IMEI by dialling *#06#.

Recover IMEI Number with MTK Engineering Mode

There is not much difference in between the MTK engineering mode and Mobile Uncle app. The only difference is MTK engineering mode does not require root access to change the IMEI. Already We have shared the full tutorial about this app, you can refer here or follow below procedure.


  • MTK engineering Mode Apk
  • MTK chipset Device

How to change imei android without Root (MTK Chipset)

  • Download the MTK engineering mode app from below or Playstore
  • Install the app and open it.
  • Select MTK setting on the app and Slide the connectivity tab.

  • Head over to CDN information option and Tap on Radio Infomation.

  • Now, You have two options

Phone1: To change the IMEI for Sim1 Phone2: To change the IMEI for Sim2

  • Select the any of the above options which you want to Fix IMEI. Now, You will see the Option for entering the New IMEI number.

  • Just place the Command After AT+

For Phone 1: EGMR=1,7,”New IMEI number”For Phone 2: EGMR=1,10,”New IMEI number”

  • That’s it. Tap on Send at Command Button.

Note: If you found any error like “command is failed to send or Command Unavailable in user build” after tapping on the command button. So, Add Space between the AT+ and EGMR. Look like this AT+ space EGMR=1,7,”New IMEI number”

  • Reboot the android device to see the changes.

Final Words

Was this Useful! Please let me know in the comments. Complete Guide to Fix IMEI or Recover IMEI issue without needing of Computer. I hope you would love this article.

Changing IMEI Illegal in many countries. Main Aim our guide is to help people who are suffering from Invalid IMEI Issue. We are not encouraged to change IMEI for illegal purposes and not responsible for your activities.

Thanks for visiting and keep visiting our site for more articles like this and follow us on social sites.

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How to Recover/Change IMEI Number Android (4 Methods)

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(2018) How To Change IMEI Number of Android Phones (Latest)

change IMEI no. of Android easily 2017- iTechhacks

Easily Change IMEI Number of any Android device – iTechhacks come back with a new and peoples most wanted hack on google about how to change IMEI number of the android phone.IMEI no. Helps any phone to find the location and recognize your model and information about your android phone. Well, this hacking trick is working and tested so cool and go ahead to see that how to change IMEI number of Android devices, here itechhacks gives you two methods to change  IMEI Number android without rooting one of this from android and also from PC.

Know About IMEI?

International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, An IMEI is a serial number that uniquely identifies a GSM or UMTS mobile phone. Typically 15 digits long, the IMEI code is broken into sections that provide information about a phone, such as its manufacturer, to the mobile network that the phone is connected to.The IMEI is only used for identifying the device and has no permanent or semi-permanent relation to the subscriber. 

How To Find Your IMEI Number?

well, a question arises in your mind that how to know about your IMEI Number of your any phone ( Any Phone Even it’s a Nokia 1100 or a Highly Purchased Android Device)

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*#06# Type This no. in your phone call keypad. And a popup menu appears on your screen it shows your IMEI number. The second way to know about phones IMEI No. just see below in the pic.

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Method #1: How To Change IMEI Number

#1. First Dial *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#* on your Android device and go to Engineer Mode.

#2. Now, click on Connectivity option or call pad,

#3. Now look for CDS information and then click on it.

#4. Then, checkout for Radio information.

Radio Information -iTechhacks

#5. Now, if your Android device is a dual sim device. Then you will get two option like IMEI_1 [SIM1] and IMEI_2 [SIM2]. Then select any one or of which you want to change IMEI number.

#6. Now, change your IMEI number illustrated below,

AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1” and “AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2


change IMEI number – iTechhacks

#7. Now, just replace IMEI1 or IMEI2 with your any your desired number( Use any Number). And then click on SEND.

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Method #2: How To Change Device ID with Root

1. First Root Your Android device. Click here

2. Now, Download and install Device ID changer.

3. Now, follow the wizard of this app.

4. And after changing the device id, restart/reboot your device and done. Change Device ID without Root.

1. First, Backup your Android device. 

2. Go to Settings. And then click on Backup & Reset.

3. Then, click on ‘Factory Data Reset.’

4. And, then reset your phone.

5. When reset done. Then you will get a new and unique device ID.

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Note: This will wipe your all data like messages, phone memory, contacts, apps. So, you must have to backup your device, and after that, you can restore it.

Wrap Up: So Above is a latest and demanding hack to change IMEI number of Android devices.This a very impressive tech hacks with the help of this you can easily change your IMEI number on your android phone.I hope you like this post. Don’t forget to share it and if you have any question please ask for comments!



{100% working}Change IMEI Number in any Android Without Root(Tutorial)

How to Change IMEI Number of Android Phone/ Smartphone

Change IMEI Number of Android: Hey Fellas, In This Tutorial, I’m gonna tell you About How Can you Change IMEI Number in your Android device With root Access or Without Root Access. This is the latest trick and information or cool stuffs so, Change IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) have it’s own Advantages and Disadvantages for How to change IMEI Number in Android Without Root Access. Some Peoples are Change IMEI for Spoof Apps, Like Some other apps are also available for Spoof apps with Fake IMEI Like How to Create Fake WhatsApp Account with US Number and Device Emulator app, and much more thing. IMEI number is the main reason used for trace a Stolen Mobile Phone or Trace Terrorists. Also Give it try Install Dolby Atmos Without Root. There are also So many application available for Android change Imei like Donkey Guard app is available for show Fake IMEI of android device to Other apps. So, many peoples are always asked to me a Question for How many apps are available to Change Imei Then my answer is there are so many apps are available just Like Change IMEI android SDK Emulator, Change imei Android Terminal Emulator, Change imei Android tools, Change imei number android apk, So guys simply use this apps and change easy imei Changer.Also Read this awesome Article How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos from Gallery

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Change IMEI Number Latest Android Method

From This Guide you will know How to Change IMEI Number without Any PC or Laptop, And as you all know that This is one of the best & 100% Working methods for how to Change IMEI number on android without root and it’s working without having any issues or problems. You don’t need to take any type of problem because, This is Safest way methods for changing IMEI Number in Android Device temporary, and you can Restore your Real Imei number at Any time, According to your need. You may also like Download Windows 7 Real Launcher For Android. This Easy Method is Fully Based on IMEI Changer APK, Which you can install in your device, Which is works with the help of Xposed Module and you just have to enter IMEI Number of your Choice & Just Reboot your Device to see the Effects. You can see more about This app on XDA. Because, it is very Simple & Easiest Way to Change IMEI Number in Android Device Without Root. So simply have a look at Step by Step Full Tutorial Regarding How to Change IMEI Number in Any Android Devices. If your Phone Imei Not showing then you can also Write Imei in your Phone by searching How to Write Imei on Android Phone.zip from Recovery mode.

                                                          How To Change IMEI Number In Android Phone

As you all knows that Some peoples always wants to change their Android’s IMEI number only just for fun and Some do for craziness. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of changing IMEI number of android device. So In this Tutorial you can find step by step Full guide to change IMEI number in android device with ot without root. I Recommends to Root your android device before proceeding to next steps. Rooting of our android device unlocks our android fully and we are able to add any cool Tweaks in it.

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I already shared an article on Mac Address Changer Apps for Android No Root. You must need to read this article to easily change mac address in android device. After rooting your Device you have to install Xposed installer app on your device as this IMEI Changer app need Xposed Module to run. So lets come to the main point and Read the Full Guide about how to Change IMEI number in Android.

What is an IMEI Number?

IMEI refers to International Mobile Equipment Identity number. Every smartphone have different IMEI no. in all over the world. So you can check your device imei number in back side of mobile or by dialing *#06# from dial pad so you can simply follow this article change android IMEI number.

Some of the Important Notice

In many Countries Changing IMEI Number is criminal offense or some of the Countries that do not lay stress on this topic. So before following this tricks, you should be aware that you can use this operation at your own risk.

Why you Need to Change IMEI Number

There is an Plenty of Benefits which we will get after changing IMEI of our device. Mostly this is loved by those peoples who like to use Refer & Earn apps for making money and free recharge. Whenever we created new account in any app. It will store out IMEI number in its database. Previous I was also shared an article Best Sites to Download Paid Apps for Free and when you tries to use your own referral link in order to get referral money through own mobile. And it detects your IMEI and you wouldn’t get any referral commission by by that app, in this case you can easily solve this issues by changing your android IMEI Number.

There are lots of benefits of changing IMEI of your Android Phone.

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Some Requirements for Change IMEI Number in Android Phone

Guys For The term How to Change your IMEI number on android device, You just need to follow below requirements in your android Device. So have a look at below all Requirements and Rock it by Changing Imei of phone.

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  • Rooted Android Device
  • Xposed Must be Installed in your Device – How to Install Xposed in Android
  • Android Imei Changer App Download IMEI Changer Apk
  • A Bit Working Internet Connection at Starting
  • Little Patience.

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How to Change IMEI Number in Any Android Smart Phone (Root Required)

At First, Make sure that you have Already Rooted your Android Device & also Xposed Installed Properly for use this app. This app will also work properly in Marshmallow Devices Without having issues. So, Don’t worry about it, Simply Follow below Easy Steps now for know more about Changing IMEI Number in Android.

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  • Firstly, Note down your Android Device Real IMEI of your Phone by Dial *#06# from your Dialer.
  • Then, Goto Xposed – Module and Tick on IMEI Changer Apk as Module, And Easily Reboot  your Device
  • After Successfully Restart your Android Phone, Now Open Imei Changer app, and you will see Your Real IMEI Number & Current IMEI Number. So, Simply Enter new IMEI Number in New IMEI No. Field, and Click on Apply Button

  • Now you need to Reboot your Device once, Or you can Turn On/ Off Airplane Mode once to Take Fast Effects. Now it’s time to check your Phone’s New Imei Number By Dialing *#06# Once again. Now there you will see it will Change Imei Number Successfully Android Device.

How to Change Android IMEI Number MTK Chipset (No Root Required)

Here we have written one of the best trick to change IMEI number in Android Without Root. For MTK Chipset no need to rooted, In this tutorial you only needs one app called mobile Uncle on your android device to change its IMEI number So Lets follow the steps to change IMEI Number in Un Rooted android mobile.

  • In MTK Chipset You need an App for Open Engineering Mode from your MTK Device Easily Simply Download Mobile Uncle App now from Play Store
  • When you have Installed Above app in your Android, Simply Open it & Select the Option of Engineer Mode – Engineer Mode (MTK)

  • Then, Scroll Down a bit, Simply Click on CDS Information then select option of Radio Information
  • Now you will see 2 Options here in the List, Phone 1 & Phone 2, Simply Select Phone 2 from there if available
  • Now you must be See there Option of AT+
  • Simply Enter AT+(Your New IMEI Number here)

Note: – Now Replace  your new IMEI Number here with the 15 Digit New IMEI Number of your Choice

Example – AT+ 35165984xxxxxxx

Note There is a Space after + Sign

  • After Enter IMEI Number, Click on Send at Command button and you’re done
  • Now simply Restart your Device & Dial *#06# from your Device for Find New IMEI number of your Device

Caution: Please Don’t Use This Easy Guide Full Tutorial for illegal Purpose, It is for Educational Purposes Only. Changing IMEI number is Devices working is Totally Illegal work so, do it at your own Risk.

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Final Words

That’s it Guys This was the Easiest Methods ever Which you can Use for Changing Imei Number in your Android Device. If your Friends wanna this trick then also with your friends for How to Change IMEI number on Android Phone without Rooting. I hope you like & enjoy this easy article for changing IMEI android Without root. So guys if you have any queries, problem, Issues regarding this Full Guide, then you can simply drop a comment in below. i will try my best to help you in less time. Thanks for connected with us, stay tuned for cool stuffs same like this For Easy Way to Change IMEI Number of any android Phone.



How to Restore IMEI Number of Android, Recover Lost IMEI

Hey There, Today i going to tell you that how to Restore IMEI no in Android Devices, First of all you need to know that when you could lost your phone's IMEI ! How to Verify whether IMEI is working or Lost,

i am going to Explain 3 Methods over here to Get back Your Lost IMEI, you will have to try from these, i am pretty sure that one of then surely work for You.

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When you lost your imei your android will not support for your SIM Card that means you can't make or receive calls, you will not be able to see the Network on your device, this is because of some times you trying to Flash Custom ROMs on your Device it can cause you in this trouble.

Steps To Restore/Recover IMEI No on AndroidNow Move on to Recovering it or Restoring for getting sim Signals on your device.First find your Default IMEI no this will be on your purchase bill or just remove your phone's battery you can find it over there and for Dual sim phone there will be Two IMEI respectively. just note down them on a Paper or anywhere. Method 1 :-

 The 1st method which i am going to tell you, as i found this working as well on a MediaTek SoCs, You just need a Rooted Device to Get Back your Lost IMEI on Android,Just Download This App From Here, and Open it then just Put Your Both, or Single IMEI (Depends on Your Device) and Just Click on Apply New IMEIs, thats it, just Restart Your Device and You will find Your Device is Connected to the Network, i Personally Found this Really helpful and easy Way.

Video Tutorial For Method 1: 

Rooting Guide for Redmi 2

Method 2 :- Just dial *#*#3646633#*#* on your dial pad to go to the Engineer Mode (it may not work for some devices) you can also download MTK Engineer Mode App From Play store by following this Link,  just connect your phone to Wifi and Download this App for the next step. (App and Dial pad both will work in the same way)

Okey Now Open the the MTK Engineer mode app and swipe left side to go into Connectivity.In the Connectivity click on the CDS information. 

                                         And then Tap on the Radio information. Then you will be able to see Phone 1 and Phone 2 (if you have a Dual Sim Phone)

Just click on Phone 1 first. then enter the Command as AT +EGMR=1,7,"your first imei" (Put a Space between AT and +, Like AT +EGMR=1,10,"your imei") and then tap on SEND AT COMMAND it will show you that command sent,

Now press back button and Tap on Phone 2 (if you have a Dual Sim phone) and Type AT +EGMR=1,10,"second imei" and tap on send at command. Now Just Restart you device and enjoy now Sim Card will Display the Network in the status bar. You can see your IMEI by pressing *#06#

Method 3 :-

if not successful with the above method, just try this, you need a PC and the phone should be Rooted to use this method. so if your phone is not Rooted then first root that device and follow the steps.

Download Mobile Uncle IMEI Write Tool for MTK devices on your PC : Use This Link unzip it and Run the MTK IMEI exe, dont be afraid if you see other language on this tool. After running you will see command type window, just press Y, now it will ask you to enter the first IMEI no, just enter here your first IMEI no, then press enter. now enter the second IMEI and press enter and then it will save a file named IMEI.bak Just copy that file and paste it on Your phone's internal memory.

Now Download a tool called Mobile Uncle MTK Tool.apk on your Android Device and launch that tool,Now you can see there is an option IMEI Backup Restore (MTK) Click on that.Now it will show the four options, if you put the IMEI.bak file on the Internal storage then just press on the third option, or you can read there on which option its showing BakUpDate: type option just click on that and thats all it will Restore Your IMEI on Mediatek Device.

Source for the 3rd Method :Xda Developer

Charge your android Device with USB OTG Cable

it will get erased and you have to follow this method again.


How to find the IMEI number on any Android smartphone

If you are looking for a few methods that you can use to find the IMEI number for your Android smartphone then look no further. This guide will show you some simple and common ways of locating the IMEI number for pretty much any smartphone running on the Android Operating System.

Through the Dialer

There are actually a few ways to locate the IMEI number on your smartphone, and one of the quickest and easiest methods is to use a special star code. By entering this star code into your phones dial pad the phones IMEI number should pop up on your display and you will know exactly what your phones IMEI number is.

Important Note: This feature seems to be available on fewer and fewer Android smartphones. If you try to access your IMEI number through the dialer and it doesn’t seem to want to work then your phone doesn’t support this method and you can proceed to one of the other techniques listed in this guide.

Finding the IMEI Number Method 1: Through the Dialer

Quick Instructions

Dial *#06# on your Keypad as though you were calling a telephone number. The IMEI should automatically pop up.

Detailed instructions with pictures (using the Samsung Galaxy S4 as an example)

Tap on your Home key to go to your main screen.

On the Samsung Galaxy S 4 it’s the big actual button on the bottom center of the phone.

Tap on the green Phone icon in the bottom left of the screen.

Make sure that the Keypad tab is selected (top of screen).

Type *#06# into your keypad just like you would if you were dialing a telephone number.

Your IMEI is the number displaying on the screen.

Note: the IMEI should pop up automatically as soon as you finish typing the star code

Through the Settings

This may differ depending on the make and model of your phone as well as the version of Android that it is currently running on. If different then the Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which was used for this guide, then you may have to poke around in your settings a little bit in order to find it. The general location is pretty similar on most Android devices though so you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating it through your phones settings.

Finding the IMEI Number Method 2: Through the Settings

Quick Instructions

Tap Home > Menu key > Settings > More > About device > Status > IMEI

Detailed instructions with pictures (again using a Samsung Galaxy S4 as an example)

Go to your main screen by tapping on the Home key.

Press the Menu Key.

The Menu key (on the S4 and many other Android smartphones) is on the bottom of the phone to the left of the Home key.

Tap Settings.

Make sure that the More tab is selected if it isn’t already selected

The More tab is located in the upper right of the screen.

Scroll down and select About device.

Tap on Status.

Scroll down until you see the IMEI.

But wait… How can I find the IMEI number if my phone won’t power on?

Those are the two of the best methods that can be used to find the IMEI number on an Android smartphone, but if your phone won’t power on, it’s unresponsive or if you are unable to navigate on your device then the above methods are going to be hard if not impossible to use.

Don’t panic though your smartphones manufacturer thought of this too. Information such as the FCC ID, SKU, S/N (Serial Number), Model Numbers, and you guessed it the IMEI number can be found printed somewhere on the device, usually in the battery compartment. If your cell phone doesn’t have a removable battery, and you do not have access to the battery compartment, then the IMEI number may be located in another place such as the SIM card tray.

Just be ready, if you need to locate the IMEI using this method then the numbers can be printed extremely small and might be difficult to read without your reading glasses or a magnifying glass. Otherwise if you cannot access your IMIE through the dialer or through the phones settings for any reason then reading it from the printed label will be the best option available.

Through the Google Dashboard

If you are looking for your cell phones device identifier then the Google Dashboard can help you find the IMEI or MEID number and you won’t even need to have access to your phone to use it.

This is the perfect solution if you have misplaced your cell phone or if you no longer have access to it for whatever reason.

Quick Instructions:

Visit google.com/dashboard > Log in to your cell phones Primary Google Account > tap Android > review your phones IMEI/MEID number.

Detailed Instructions:

The Google Dashboard can be accessed on just about any device capable of utilizing the World Wide Web. While I prefer using a computer to access the Google Dashboard as it seems to be easier to read and navigate, this site can be accessed through a PC, Tablet or even a smartphone. Since the topic of this guide is how to locate the IMEI number for an Android cell phone I figure that the following instructions should be shown utilizing an Android cell phone as well.

Open your web browser and type in google.com/dashboard. Then press “Go” or “Enter” to access that webpage.

You will need to enter the Email and Password of the Primary Google Account information on this window. Make sure to log in to the Primary Google Account of the phone which you are trying to discover the IMEI number on.

If you have forgotten what your Gmail account password is or even the email address itself then you can try to recover that information by clicking on the “Need help?” link on that sign in page. After completing the recovery process you can go back and log into your Google Account. Important Note: you will need to sign in to the Primary Google Account associated with the Android phone or you will not be able to use the Google Dashboard to locate its IMEI number.

Once you have logged into your Google Accounts Dashboard you should be presented with a list of features associated with your Google Account. Look for and tap on the Android section for additional information regarding the Android device(s) which utilize your Google Account.

This additional information will include the Android’s Device Identifier (its IMEI or MEID number) along with many other specifications for that device including its Manufacture, Carrier and even possible Backup data stored from the Android device to your Google Account.


If your Android smartphone shows an MEID number instead of an IMEI number then don’t panic they both perform the same function in helping to identify your specific device. If you would like to read more about these two Device Identifiers and what they can be used for then you might enjoy reading IMEI vs. MEID the purpose of a Device Identifier.


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How to use Qualcomm Smartphone Write IMEI Tool

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Updated on November 3, 2017

These are the instructions to flash IMEI on Qualcomm Smartphone and Tablets using the Qualcomm Smartphone Write IMEI Tool on Windows Computer.

Requirements: You need to have a Qualcomm Chipset based Smartphone or tablets. If in case your device is running on any other chipset then the following tutorial will not work for you.

Use Qualcomm Smartphone Write IMEI Tool

Step 1: Download and install Uniscope Qualcomm Driver on your Computer. If in case you have already installed the Uniscope Qualcomm driver on your computer then SKIP this step.

Step 2: Download and extract Uniscope Qualcomm Write IMEI Tool on your computer. Once, you have extracted the tool on your computer, you will be able to see the following files:

Step 3: Now, Open Qualcomm_Smartphone_Write_IMEI.exe.

Step 4: Once, Uniscope Qualcomm Write IMEI Tool is launched you will be able to see the following window:

Step 5: Now, Click on the Settings button and enter ustest to Login.

Step 6: Now, in the Settings Dialog box, you will see several options. Select Write IMEI1 (if you have dual SIM device then also select Write2 option) and click on OK button.

Step 7: Now, Select the COM Port as USB and Enter the IMEI into the input box.

Step 8: Now, Restart your Device and Connect it to the computer using the USB Cable.

Step 9: Now, Click on the Write1 Button to begin the Writing Process.

Step 10: Once, Writing process is completed, you will be able to see Green Pass Box on the screen.

Step 11: Now, Disconnect your device from the computer and restart it again.

Step 12: Now, Check the IMEI of your device by dialing *#06# to check the IMEI.

If you are able to see the same IMEI on your device then the process was successful. So, congrats, you Just learned to flash IMEI on any Qualcomm device.

Readme Once:

[*] Supported Platforms: It supports Qualcomm MSM8916, MSM8909, MSM8939, MSM8209 and MSM8592 platforms. It may not work on other platforms, as it is designed to work on the devices running on Qualcomm Chipsets.

[*] Caution: Writing IMEI other than the Original is illegal in many countries. So, we recommend you to flash the original IMEI only, or else it may cause serious trouble to you.

[*] Uniscope Driver: We recommend you to use the Original Uniscope Driver with the Uniscope Qualcomm IMEI Tool. You can download it from here.

[*] Credits: Uniscope Qualcomm Write IMEI Tool is created and distributed by Uniscope Inc. So, full credits goes to them for sharing the application for free.


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